The Preamble

Uganda’s coat of arms has important features and these are: the kob, the crested crane, the shield, the drum, the sun, the spears, the flowing water (River Nile) out of lake Victoria, coffee and cotton and the Uganda Motto (For God and My Country). Each of these features has a meaning. It summarizes some of the ideas and things which are considered important in our country hence building the spirit that drives Friends of ZOKA

Friends of Zoka story
Friends of Zoka (FoZ) is a social community group started by some community members in Adjumani District concerned with degradation of the forest and the main objective is to provide advocacy and lobbying on management of Zoka Central Forest Reserve and broader management of environmental challenges in Adjumani District.
Zoka Forest is unique, it is the only tropical high forest (THF) in the Northern part of Uganda, with rich biodiversity of flora and fauna a potential tourism attraction site has been threatened by illegal timber exploitation, encroachment as well as human settlement and agriculture.
The Zoka forest, located in Northern Uganda, stretches over some 6 145 hectares in Southern Adjumani District. It is the only tropical forest in Northern Uganda and the last natural forest along the belt of Albertine region. The forest hosts some 75 per cent of the world’s bird and insect species, and hardwood trees such as mahogany and mvule can be found here. Learn More

Protection, Conservation and Preservation of the environment is our outright prime responsibility

Of the challenges facing the effort to undertake these realities and it’s consequential implication on us.

We are concerned about the values of our environment and its protection and we have gunned our posterity in addressing Environmental and Climate Justices.

We are witnessing the effects of Climate change resulting from the increasing crisis as a result of the massive depletion of our environment

The Preamble

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