Illegal large-scale charcoal burning continues in Adjumani District

Environment crime watch

We sternly denounce and equally nursing the pain of environmental destruction that’s currently ravaging villages of Malobu, Okawa, Melijo in the broader areas of Indriani, Pakelle Sub County Adjumani district, there is no scientific benefit that supports the notion driven by proponents of these destruction we are witnessing, to the contrary, trees in aggregate plays significant role in rain formation which is required for Agriculture, a life support of local economies in those Adjumani, West Nile and entire of Uganda.Its therefore, disheartening to see Adjumani district local government, with all functional organs at that critical ones to mention; district Forest office, Natural natural resource department whose core mandate include ensuring sustainable use and management of natural resources for example Forests, sit back and watch this happens just at its backyard.Since it appears that the local government of Adjumani district, is failing to get hold of the ongoing destruction we call upon central government through relevant line ministries to reign and institute and audit this hitherto unbecoming environmental abuse in Adjumani district.Photo: Pile of charcoal in Okawa village Pakelle Sub County, Adjumani district.

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